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Company Profile

Dudnyk is a full-service agency that specializes in ­creating motivating brand experiences for specialty ­physicians and their patients. Established more than 20 years ago, the agency remains fiercely independent and self-directed. With offices in suburban Philadelphia and San Francisco, Dudnyk provides exceptional services to its clients and their customers in the biopharma, biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical industries. With a focus on creativity and teamwork, and with its thriving, engaging culture, Dudnyk is able to produce some of the most provocative work in the industry and draw top ­talent from across the country.

Services and Offerings

Through our brand-building Incite process, we turn powerful strategic insights into bold, differentiating creative that drives behavioral change among specialty physicians and their patients. Agency expertise includes:

• Brand identity
Crafting all the elements of an unforgettable brand

• Campaign development
Powerful creative based on strategy-driven insights

• Launch planning
Experience, ideas and insights for success

• Nonpersonal promotion
Intelligent, creative ways to reach the “white space”

• Digital communications
Focusing on effective user brand experiences

• Positioning/messaging
Identifying and articulating the brand’s unique ­selling proposition

• Disease state awareness
Market-shaping, educational initiatives

• Professional sales promotion
Vivid materials, meaningful communications

• Patient communication
Clear, compelling, engaging patient materials

• Rebranding
Bringing new energy and invigorated life to older brands

Core Capabilities

Inciteful Healthcare Marketing®: Strategic insight + standout creative = motivating brand experiences for specialty physicians and their patients. 

What will be the game-changing trend over the next five years?

Advances in mHealth will address issues ranging from trial data collection to routine health monitoring. The first of a generation of hand-held monitoring devices—one able to track heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and oxygen level, and provide a complete ECG reading—began shipping in January. So, what does this mean for Pharma marketers? Plenty. Today it’s vital signs, tomorrow it could be genetic information. The ­greatest impact could be in the area of ­companion diagnostics with technology advances increasing availability for more medications and diseases. Marketers who effectively ­communicate the devices’ value propositions to providers, payers and patients stand to win in the emerging mHealth era. 

Address 5 Walnut Grove Drive, Suite 300, Horsham, PA 19044

Website Dudnyk.com

Twitter @DudnykHealth

Leadership Frank X. Powers, President

New Business Contact Christopher Tobias, PhD, [email protected], 267-532-1026