Fingerpaint has opened its fifth office, expanding its footprint to New Jersey.

The agency brought on former McCann Health New Jersey president Mark Willmann to lead the location, which opened six weeks ago.

Other agency leaders in the Morristown, New Jersey, office are fellow McCann Health veterans Nick Megjugorac, who heads up strategy, and Tracy Blackwell, who is leading creative after transitioning from Fingerpaint’s Pennsylvania office.

The New Jersey office gives Fingerpaint access to more talent. Agency founder Ed Mitzen said attracting talent to the firm’s other offices can be tricky, but a location closer to the New York metropolitan area will open the door to a new talent pool.

“It’s a neat opportunity for [potential employees] because there’s a lot of people that have wanted to join us, but they just can’t go to Saratoga [New York] or they can’t move to Phoenix,” Mitzen said. “This is our missile to put us in the eye of the storm.”

Fingerpaint’s executives have a bold goal for the new office: $20 million in revenue by 2020. Mitzen also said he expects the new office to fuel the agency’s overall growth rate.

The office has already picked up clients, Willmann said, including Helius Medical Technologies, which is planning to launch a device to treat neurological issues next year. While the New Jersey office bulks up its staff, the team is relying on support from Fingerpaint’s other locations.

“Every time we’ve opened up an office, it’s raised everybody at all the other offices because you’ll get bigger opportunities,” Mitzen said.

Willmann spent two years leading McCann Health’s New Jersey office as president and worked an additional 11 years at other McCann agencies, including McCann Torre Lazur and McCann Echo. He started his career in pharma clinical research at Johnson & Johnson, U.S. Biosciences, and Organon Pharmaceuticals.

“I wanted to have a little more of that entrepreneurial aspect for me personally,” Willmann said. “While the holding company has tremendous benefits, it wasn’t something I wanted anymore. I wanted the ability to be part of a private group and make decisions a little bit faster and take the necessary risks that a holding company it doesn’t let you take.”

Fingerpaint has offices in Saratoga Springs, New York; Conshohocken, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; and Columbus, Ohio. The agency reported $36 million in revenue last year, a 20% increase over 2016.