Interpublic Group (IPG) plans to consolidate the ICC Lowe Health brands into FCB Health as part of an effort to bolster the ICC network’s new business opportunities as well as its digital branding expertise, the holding company announced today.

The ICC brands will operate as FCB Health companies, similar to how FCB Health operates Area 23 and Neon. No layoffs or office closures are expected as a result of the realignment, said Dana Maiman, president and CEO of FCB Health, who will oversee the consolidated agencies. Long-time ICC Lowe Health CEO Steve Viviano will leave the agency after a transition period of a few months.

The ICC network, which includes the New Jersey flagship agency as well as ICC Lowe Trio and ICC Lowe Pace, has primarily focused on medical education and Rx and over-the-counter brand promotion and in recent years has undergone a number of operational changes, including rebranding its digital shop as ICC Lowe Thermal Labs and closing its New York office in early 2013.

“We can provide a lot of help,” Maiman said.

FCB Health has also undergone some changes, changing its name from Draftfcb Healthcare to FCB Health last year and acquiring Halesway in its first global deal.  

More healthcare business is now being contested at the holding company level, which has created a need to focus IPG’s investment on two health networks—FCB Health and McCann Health—rather than three, IPG Chairman and CEO Michael Roth said in a statement.

“Certainly this is a factor,” Maiman said. “This is really an opportunity to strengthen a very strong, proud exciting brand.”

FCB Health and ICC share several clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Boehringer Ingelheim and Novartis. As the agencies will remain separate entities, there are no anticipated conflict issues, the statement added.