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Company Profile

For over 20 years MicroMass has been applying unique expertise in health behavior to deliver marketing ­solutions for our clients. We were formed out of the ­University of North Carolina, School of Public Health, where professors studying one-on-one health coaching realized their approach was highly effective but not scalable. MicroMass was created to take that one-on-one (micro) approach and utilize technology to deliver it on a mass scale to ­impact millions and improve patient outcomes. 

Since our inception, MicroMass has created patient and provider behavior change programs in more than 30 therapeutic categories, helping pharma meet commercial objectives and establish real-world value with customers. MicroMass’s expertise in health behavior extends ­beyond an insulated group of individuals with degrees in behavioral science. At MicroMass, developing behavior change programs is an integrated capability. Creative, strategy and account teams are trained in ­behavior change strategies. The agency’s proprietary methods ensure that behavioral science is optimally ­applied to meet clients’ needs. MicroMass’s expertise is unrivaled in the industry, with more than two decades of practical experience in developing and deploying behavior-based programs for pharma, healthcare systems and accountable care ­organizations.

Services and Offerings

Achieving optimal outcomes in the real world requires more than persuasive messaging, education and access to technology—it requires a specialized approach that impacts attitudes, builds skills and changes behaviors. MicroMass integrates behavioral science, creative, and technology to create real-world solutions in four key

• Patient engagement/support

• Consumer and professional relationship marketing

• Precommercial and clinical

• Health behavior consulting

We focus on solving difficult challenges facing the ­industry today, including optimizing patient-provider communication, improving medication adherence and increasing patient engagement in care. 

What will be the game-changing trend over the next five years?

Outcomes will be the new currency. Lifecycle strategy will shift from product-centric success metrics to patient-driven metrics as ­customers demand better outcomes. Today, pharma executives ask what data is needed to demonstrate product success. Over the next five years, executives will be asking what types of solutions will deliver optimal patient outcomes. As a result we will see behavior change solutions incorporated early in product development and clinical trials. For example, in chronic disease, evidence-based behavior change strategies improve self-management, lower costs and improve outcomes. This approach will lead to marketing and commercialization becoming more integrated with outcomes as a common, consistent goal.

Address 100 Regency Forest, Suite 400, Cary, NC 27518
Phone 919-851-3182

Website www.micromass.com 

New Business Contact Jude Kelly, [email protected] or 919-256-2401

Year Founded 1994   Employees 72    Office Location Cary, NC