Like his pharma and biotech leadership peers, Amgen CEO Robert A. Bradway took home a multimillion payday in 2022, pocketing $21.4 million last year.

Though slightly down from the $21.7 total compensation recorded in 2021, Bradway made more than the $20.1 million he earned in 2020. 

Additionally, Bradway wasn’t the only Amgen executive who was well-compensated last year.

According to a recent company financial document, EVP of global commercial operations Murdo Gordon made $7.7 million, EVP of research and development David M. Reese made $7.3 million, EVP and CFO Peter H. Griffith made just over $7 million and EVP of operations Esteban Santos brought home $6.7 million

Bradway has kept Amgen on course during his more than decade-long tenure at the helm. 

This is especially true when looking back on the past few months, which saw Amgen announce a $28.5 billion acquisition of Horizon Therapeutics. As one of the largest pharma M&A deals in recent history, Amgen said it expects to receive regulatory approval for the deal during the first half of the year.

During 2022, Amgen saw its total revenues inch up 1% to $26.3 billion due to an increase in product sales and volume. Additionally, its earnings per share (EPS) increased 18% during that period. 

Going forward, Amgen expects its total revenues to be between $26 billion to $27.2 billion for 2023, along with an EPS in the range of $13.16 to $14.41.

The company also recently debuted Amjevita, a Humira biosimilar, at two different price points in the U.S.  

Compared to other pharma executives, Bradway’s total compensation is on the higher end of the spectrum.

AbbVie CEO Richard Gonzalez received $26.2 million in total compensation last year, while Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel brought home $19.4 million. Moderna noted in its financial report that the ratio of Bancel’s total compensation to a median employee’s total compensation is 119 to 1.

Meanwhile, GSK CEO Dame Emma Walmsley netted a payday of $10.2 million in 2022, a slight increase year-over-year, and Novartis CEO Vas Narasimhan earned $9 million, a 25% decrease from the year prior.