As Millennials age – remember, the oldest Millennials are in their late 30s – they’re grappling with the same signs of aging as every other generation. 

Juvederm is tapping into trends of self-expression and self-care to court Millennials in its latest campaign for its lip fillers Juvederm Lips.

“Our traditional user is looking to restore what she’s losing in lip volume, while Millennials are interested in enhancing their lips and what’s unique to them,” said Colleen McKenna, VP of marketing for facial aesthetics at Allergan. “When you look at the injectable market in general, Botox consistently has been the gateway into injectables followed by fillers. But we’re seeing that Millennial patients are just as likely to be starting on a filler as they are on Botox.”

For this campaign, Juvederm teamed up with two celebrity spokeswomen, TV personality Audrina Patridge and celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan. Patridge and Deenihan appear in the Juvederm Lips ads and are promoting the treatment on their own social channels.

Allergan teamed up with these two women because of their passion for self-expression and individuality. Deenihan also developed a custom lipstick kit with SheSpoke inspired by Juvederm colors for a sweepstakes. The company is doing a giveaway of 100 lip kits and points for its rewards program, Brilliant Distinctions.

“Millennials may not have as many traditional needs as the core group [of Juvederm patients],” McKenna said. “Lips are an area where they can really express themselves. For some Millennials, they look at lips as an accessory.” 

Juvederm Lips campaign is running across channels, with TV ads that point viewers to the giveaway; digital and social efforts, including posts on Patridge and Deenihan’s profiles; and materials in doctor’s offices.

Juvederm is also tapping into Millennial women trends of self-care and self-expression through beauty products. Think face masks, those Instagram Glossier ads and Youtube makeup tutorials.

“The lip campaign is inspired by consumers who value authenticity, appreciate self-care, beauty and celebrating their self expression through outward appearance,” McKenna said. “When you look at beauty, the common perception of beauty is always evolving, becoming more inclusive and appreciating uniqueness. That’s where Juvederm becomes part of the conversation.”