Versalie, a digital platform for people going through menopause, released its first creative campaign on Monday, titled Is It ___ or Is It Menopause. 

Starring actress Niecy Nash-Betts, the work targets those that haven’t yet begun menopause or perimenopause in an effort to increase awareness of the symptoms before their onset.

Versalie, launched in March by parent company Kenvue, released four 15-second spots which show Nash-Betts dealing with perimenopause symptoms — and trying to blame them on anything other than that. 

In one spot, Nash-Betts is unable to concentrate while working and blames her phone, while in another she is full of rage but blames the emotions on being unable to find her keys. In fact, symptoms like brain fog and mood changes are common for people experiencing perimenopause.

In each video, a second Nash-Betts appears in the frame to humorously banter with herself and let her know that her phone or misplaced keys aren’t the issue — it’s perimenopause symptoms.

According to Versalie, the videos take on a lighthearted tone in an effort to connect with a younger demographic and educate them on perimenopause symptoms before they happen.

The campaign videos will run across social media and on Roku.

This article originally appeared on Campaign US.