Wellness company Therabody unveiled three next-generation devices and a brand refresh as part of the rollout of its The Workout Called Life campaign Wednesday morning.

Therabody debuted the Theragun PRO Plus, Theragun Sense and Theragun Relief, which focus on various aspects of a person’s health.

Theragun PRO Plus is targeted at “prosumers,” which the company defines as professional medical and therapeutic practitioners, as well as athletes. Meanwhile, the Theragun Sense is intended for wellness to relax the mind and body, while Theragun Relief is a percussive massage therapy device. 

The next generation products now include a heart rate monitor and interface with the redesigned Therabody app, which includes free routines and TheraMind content. The company said it will be adding more health information and best practices for using the devices on the blog section of its website.

Therabody also partnered with creative collective Forsman & Bodenfors on The Workout Called Life, a 360-degree broadcast media campaign to highlight its updated packaging, merchandising and technological capabilities.

When it comes to packaging, the company said it incorporated consumer feedback into providing clearer communication about the product benefits on the packaging, including instructions on how to use them for those who don’t have the app.

As for the campaign, Therabody is debuting six 15-second ads promoting the products and how they can provide recovery and improve the daily lives of a variety of potential consumers, including a grandfather playing with his grandkids, frontline workers and parents, among others.

Therabody Chief Marketing Officer John Solomon told MM+M that years of reviewing consumer insights and strategizing how to expand the brand’s presence among different demographics led them to launching The Workout Called Life.

Embarking on an integrated marketing campaign, Solomon said Therabody felt confident in its relationship with its core base of athletes and sought to invite a larger audience by leaning in to its wellness offerings.

He said that while some may not have known about the brand, others may have associated it with prior endorsement deals with professional athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo or James Harden and not considered the products for their own day-to-day use.

“We wanted to become a bit more approachable, a bit more accessible, a bit more going from that kind of tech vibe into a bit more of a benefits-driven, human-centered wellness vibe. That’s what started us on that journey,” he said. 

In addition to the product debuts and running a series of ads nationwide, the decision to redesign the packaging was one that also came from consumer feedback. Solomon said many people told the company that they received a device as a gift but didn’t know how to use it or on what part of their body.

The box that the device comes in now features education cards that explain how to use the product, which he noted was especially helpful for older, less tech savvy consumers. Additionally, the company has onboarding emails for newly registered users and has worked with retailers selling the devices to ensure they can best communicate with consumers buying them at a brick and mortar location.

As for the commercial and the catchy jingle that accompanies it, Solomon said the ads will be deployed across national TV, social media and retail stores.

Repetition is an important marketing strategy, he noted, so even if consumers don’t necessarily remember the name Therabody, they’ll remember the sonic branding associated with the ads as well as the Theragun’s distinctive triangle design.

This all comes at a critical time not only for the company but also for consumers as whole with the holiday shopping season approaching. Therabody will be monitoring how sales follow this marketing campaign, Solomon said, and are angling to be in the conversation as a must-have wellness and recovery product.

“We want to be top of mind for consumers who are thinking about buying for themselves or gifting to others on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or during the holidays. That’s our big push as we head into this period,” he said.

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