A new campaign from yogurt brand Activia is emphasizing the gut — both from the inside and the outside.

The Little Lessons on Gut Health campaign contends that yogurt can improve digestive health and contribute to general wellbeing. 

“The current trend in overall wellness is shifting towards a comprehensive, preventative approach,” said Guilherme Ferreira, Activia global head of marketing, via email. “Recognizing this, we seized the opportunity to leverage our legacy, asserting Activia’s position as leaders in gut health.”

To promote the campaign, the brand is using social media, digital content and traditional media, Ferreira said. 

Yogurt consumption can improve gut health because it may contain probiotics, “which are live microorganisms similar to those in your gut,” according to Harvard Health, which also pointed out that having good bacteria may insulate people from health woes.

Activia, which is owned by Danone, a French food products company, worked with creative firm David Miami on the campaign.

A 30-second spot tells the story of yogurt’s potential benefits from A to Z.

“Beautiful biome, digestive enzymes — oh — full of the flow,” a narrator raps. “Probiotic pride; recipe refined,” she says later. 

The video shows women dancing, exercising and in an intimate moment. It also includes a pregnant woman, a plus-size woman and a woman with stretch marks.

“These creative choices stem from our desire to resonate with our audience in a more genuine and authentic manner. We are all about gut health, and the truth is, gut health matters for everyone, regardless of size, age or life stage,” Ferreira said. “From a branding perspective, it helps reinforce our commitment to inclusivity and authenticity, and it makes our messaging more impactful. People see themselves in our ads and relate to our brand more closely. This connection helps us to stand out in an industry that can often seem superficial or unattainable.”

This article originally appeared on PRWeek US.