In an effort to improve laboratory practices in the field of assisted reproduction technology (ART), Cook Medical launched a microsite and video lab tour.

The CookARTLab tour and site, launched formally May 4, allows visitors to watch demonstrations of ovum collection, sperm injection, embryo culture and other procedures associated with in-vitro fertilization, while also profiling specific Cook Medical products and devices used therein.

As specific equipment or devices are used in the tutorial, small pictures of Cook’s products scroll up the left side of the video, and contain a link to the company’s catalog page. For example, during an ovum aspiration procedure, Cook’s EchoTip needles pop up next to the screen as they are used.

In addition to the step-by-step laboratory processes detailed in the tutorial, the microsite features a “Knowledge Center” for physicians, which provides “up-to-the-minute publishings” of relevant ART research, said Christina Anné, vice president of Cook’s women’s health strategic business.

The site’s “Discussion” forum connects medical specialists — infertility and reproductive professionals — with Cook Medical product specialists, and allows physicians to discuss the various techniques and procedures of ART. Regarding oversight of the discussions, Gail McDaniel, digital marketing specialist at Cook, said certain key words are build into the posting function on the site that flag adverse event postings, for example. “We don’t want to prevent discussions, but the forum is constantly monitored and we do have policies in place [for preventing off-label content],” said McDaniel.

Cook Medical launched an unbranded physician education site for Peyronie’s disease in March of 2008, and hopes to launch future sites for its gynecological products and diagnostic imaging devices in the future, depending on budget allotments, said Anné.