David Verbraska is worldwide VP of public affairs and policy at Pfizer.

Commute difficulty on a scale of one to 10  

The New Jersey to New York City commute can be a one or a 10 depending on the day. Most days I love the quiet 50-minute bus ride and read books or check email or news. Then I take a 25-minute walk along 42nd Street past iconic sites to Pfizer HQ.

Most distinct aspect of your personal office

With a lot of work travel, I’ve collected more than 100 shot glasses from around the world and have them on a bookshelf. My wife won’t let me bring them home. The favorites are from Dubai (gold laced) and Disney Imagineering.

Biggest career lesson

Be prepared. As an Eagle Scout, this notion was instilled early. Being proactive and thinking, researching, and preparing for every project, meeting, and presentation has been instrumental in my career.  

Weekday wakeup time

I enjoy getting an early jump on the day at 5 a.m., a pattern that started when I was an attorney. First app checked is always The New York Times.

What book are you reading?

Chesapeake by James Michener. His ability to weave actual events through the life stories of fictional characters across generations is unique. A recent visit to Michener’s studio museum in Pennsylvania provided a glimpse of how he created his epics.   

Favorite TV guilty pleasure

Rewatching the six Super Bowl victories by the New England Patriots. The team won in different ways with physical talent, brains, and luck all playing their part. The Patriots’ 20-year record is an interesting case study for sustained organizational excellence.  

Most notable tech you’ve bought that didn’t pan out

Before Waze and Google Maps, we bought a Garmin dashboard GPS that was too small to safely look at while driving and had outdated maps sending us astray.