More than a quarter of listeners (26.0%) say they’re interested in registering for a health-related podcast — good enough for eighth on the popularity list. That’s right behind history and science, and just ahead of the business, arts and sports formats.

As far as the audience for these, it’s mostly female (66%), as opposed to the general podcast audience, which is 56% male. Listeners also tend to be a bit older, with 25-34 being health’s largest demo (27.3%), and employed in the healthcare and service industries. Percentage-wise, health lags a bit behind the general audience until the 45-54 demo, when it starts outpacing it. Insights about the genre’s aficionados come courtesy of Nielsen Scarborough Podcast Listener Buying Power, a survey fielded in Q4 2019. And for more about pharma’s podcast revolution, check out the feature on three successful pharma podcasts.