Ketchum has launched Vital Health, a suite of services that uses predictive analytics to help healthcare clients.

At the center of Vital Health is predictive analytics tool Vital Diagnostic, which gives each client a “Vital Health score” and lays out a roadmap to address challenge areas and monitor stakeholders.

Vital Diagnostic scores healthcare companies based on transparency, innovation, compliance, integration, social responsibility, patient-centricity, employer of choice, quality, and industry leadership.

“[Vital Diagnostic is] meant to measure a company’s vital health, deconstruct it to help them figure out the contributing elements to where they are, and [determine] what they need to do to move or maintain that score going forward,” said Mary Elizabeth Germaine, EVP and MD of Ketchum Analytics. “The point of it is to help guide overarching strategy and provide a framework and on which ongoing strategy should be built.”

Vital Diagnostic uses Ketchum’s analytics capabilities, including social listening, influencer, and reputation management analytics, to determine a brand’s score. It can identify issues like how the drug pricing debate is affecting a brand’s reputation or how a drug launch will change the company’s market position, Germaine said.

Once the diagnostic tool identifies a brand’s needs, the rest of the Vital Health group executes the plan. Vital Health includes services ranging from digital and influencers to research and internal communications and is able to pull resources from all of Ketchum’s various offerings.

“Everything is under this new Vital Health organization principle, and we designed all those services for health,” said Tom Jones, SVP and MD of Ketchum Health. “While a lot of agencies are making acquisitions and hires to keep up with trends, we already have those services, we just needed to organize it.”