A global resource designed for marketers, communicators and brand leaders, the Longevity Lab will offer Edelman’s clients data and insights, creative strategy and marketing consultation, as well as bespoke intelligence on ageing and health relating to consumers aged 55-plus — primarily the baby boomer generation and older members of Gen X.

Under their partnership, Edelman will have access to National Innovation Centre Ageing (NICA)’s ​​Voice organisation data, comprising a large network of 4,000 people across the UK and internationally.

Run jointly by Jackie Cooper, chief global brand officer at Edelman, and Professor Lynne Corner, chief operating officer of NICA, the Longevity Lab’s leadership team comprises existing Edelman members of staff, many of whom belong to the “longevity generation” themselves, according to the agency.

Alongside Cooper and Corner, the team comprises Nic Palmarini, director of NICA and co-founder of the Longevity Lab; Jen Meehan, executive vice-president, national practice lead, Brand, at Edelman Canada, and chief operating officer at the lab; and Fiorella Passoni, general manager for Edelman Italy, and the lab’s chief communications officer.

Edelman UK chief creative officer Emma de La Fosse has been appointed global creative director for the Longevity Lab, while Courtney Miller, executive vice-president, head of strategy, at Edelman, is the lab’s global strategy director. The Longevity Lab’s work will be integrated across all of Edelman’s business and teams.

Commenting on the new offer, Cooper said: “At two billion-plus, there are more people aged 55-plus than children under five. By 2050, that number will double. We are moving from an ageing society to a longevity society.

“This group, of which I am a part, is living longer, amassing more wealth and willing to spend, and yet our industry has a massive blind spot where it concerns this generation. Only five to 10 per cent of marketing dollars are allocated towards us.

“We’ve launched The Longevity Lab to open the industry’s eyes to the power and potential of this demographic,” she added.

In June 2022, Edelman introduced its Gen Z Lab to help marcomms professionals engage with the Gen Z consumer.

In a statement, Edelman said: “After significant growth, three dedicated research studies and $40m in contributed revenue, The Gen Z Lab produced a core insight that inspired the formation of its longevity counterpart.”

NICA’s Corner added: “The 55-plus generation is just as vital to our societal future as Gen Z is. Where Gen Z may drive the cultural zeitgeist, the Longevity generation drives its economic undercurrent. Those 50-plus are responsible for half of all global spending.

“NICA has unique expertise in developing and introducing societal and economic innovations in support of longer, healthier lives. We could not be more excited to match our vision with Edelman’s outstanding brand-building and generational insights expertise.

“Together with marketers, we can accelerate the delivery of services and products to a population mostly forgotten or stereotypically portrayed. We want to challenge that and lead the change both for return on investment and on society.”

This article originally appeared on PRWeek US.