NEW YORK: A mental healthcare provider in New York, Empower Your Mind Therapy, has hired Kindred PR as its AOR. 

The for-profit practice provides care for teens and adults using dialectical behavior therapy, a treatment “for people who experience emotions very intensely,” according to the Cleveland Clinic. The treatment is common for people with borderline personality disorder, and therapists provide it for other mental-health conditions, according to the Cleveland Clinic. 

Empower Your Mind, which has about 20 clinicians, had worked with Kindred since 2021 but made the group its AOR this year because Empower’s owner, Alyssa Mairanz, saw “the importance of having a really strong PR and marketing strategy as she continues to run her business and grow,” said Dana O’Malley, Kindred founder and CEO.

The agency has helped Mairanz land interviews on ABC’s Good Morning America and on CNN.

“We also support on the content marketing side, so [we’re] helping with newsletters, social media support, a lot of internal communications,” said O’Malley. 

The agency plans to help Empower develop a strategy for sharing information about “neurodivergence and the importance of seeking support for teens,” especially those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, O’Malley said.

Kindred is also based in New York.