Best AR/VR Campaign
Winner: Verizon, Zenith and Pandora

Verizon 5G Next-Gen Concert Experiences

Despite “5G” being a buzzword, many people still have no real understanding of what it is or what it does. Verizon, a wireless network company, is invested in addressing this disconnect.

To start, Verizon decided to focus on its Hispanic customers, who represent a key growth demographic. After learning through market research that 59% of this audience consider music a key passion, the company homed in on a campaign to illustrate how 5G and music intersect.

The end result: an immersive virtual concert featuring Latin artist Sebastián Yatra, who, thanks to 5G technology, performed alongside an augmented reality version of himself. In addition to the livestream show, the event included fan engagement, Q&A sessions and additional augmented-reality holograms.

Streamed 18,000 times, the performance was a clear hit with fans. Afterward, not only did 77% of viewers indicate that they had a better understanding and awareness of Verizon and its 5G capabilities, but many also commented that they’d thoroughly enjoyed themselves. “I love that Verizon is supporting Latino artists. I hope to see more events like this one,” one viewer wrote, while another specifically praised the concert’s use of 5G technology: “I liked the holograms and the behind-the-scenes [elements] in the 5G lab that showed how they worked to create the amazing stage.”