Winner: Delta Air Lines,Digitas, The Mill-Chicago and Pink Sparrow-NY
Delta Air Lines and Starbucks Wonder Window Activation

In October 2022, Starbucks and Delta Airlines joined forces to combine their loyalty programs: For every $1 spent at the former, customers would earn one mile with the latter. To promote the partnership, the companies headed to the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a notoriously busy event where cutting through the noise would require an extra dose of creativity.

Enter the Wonder Window, an interactive experience that debuted on the CES showroom floor. In the installation, participants stepped up to a physical window and were virtually transported to immersive destinations far from the crowds and chaos. The cost of admission? Simply linking their Delta and Starbucks accounts — which could be done with a single tap.

After their virtual “trip,” attendees were presented with randomized prizes, including Starbucks and Delta gift cards. One participant even walked away with two Delta round-trip tickets to anywhere in the world.

The booth attracted a steady stream of visitors — a clear sign that the campaign made a huge splash. This success was confirmed when Forbes named the Wonder Window CES 2023’s best experiential activation.

Honorable mention: Doritos, Netflix, Observatory and Hungry Man
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