Winner: The Nature Conservancy, Change For Balance and Prince EA
Dear Parents

Climate change is having a notable impact on young people. In a large-scale survey, thousands of 16- to 25-year-olds from around the world said worries about the topic, otherwise known as “eco-anxiety,” are affecting them on a daily basis.

Environmental nonprofit The Nature Conservancy wanted to make a film that would not only address this issue, but also offer concrete solutions in the fight against climate change. Called Dear Parents, the short follows rapper Prince EA as he travels through India, South Africa, Iceland, Israel, Egypt, Miami and Southern California. Through sweeping visuals and spoken- word poetry, Prince EA empowers young people to take direct action to create a better future for themselves as well as generations to come.

Released on Earth Day 2022, Dear Parents is a companion piece to Prince EA’s previous viral short Dear Future Generations: Sorry, which has been viewed more than 30 million times on YouTube and more than 100 million times on Facebook. The second installment reminds young people that action is still possible — particularly when it’s motivated by inspiration and hope for the future.

Honorable mention: New Orleans & Co., Dentsu Creative for New Orleans Tourism and Unit9 Films
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