Winner: Tenable and Caspian Studios
The Hacker Chronicles

A cybersecurity company, Tenable feels a responsibility to educate the public on how to safely and securely operate online. It knows that when proper precautions aren’t taken, the results can be devastating.

To get this across to a general audience, Tenable partnered with Caspian Studios to create The Hacker Chronicles, a 12-episode narrative podcast that explores insider threats, supply chain attacks, ransomware hostages and myriad other topics related to cybersecurity.

The podcast follows Alice (aka Abel10), a burned-out barista with massive student debt who turns to the dark web to make ends meet. But Alice’s hijinks add up to more than just a narrative thriller — they provide a series of lessons listeners can apply to their own online behavior. Following the end of Season 1, Tenable released a bonus episode and webinar with Microsoft MVP Sylvain Cortes, in which he “interviews” Alice about the events of recent episodes.

The podcast was a success, attracting more than 330,000 global listeners. As a result of these strong numbers, Tenable is already producing a second season of the podcast.

Honorable mention: The Callisto Protocol, Godfrey Dadich Partners and Striking Distance Studios
The Callisto Protocol: Helix Station