Winner: Tropicana and MullenLowe U.S.
Tropicana Mimosa Maker

Tropicana closely monitors how consumers engage with and enjoy orange juice. Of late, this has included a lively online discussion about the juice’s starring role in mimosas, a favorite brunch-time cocktail. A point of contention: What comprises the perfect orange juice-to-champagne ratio?

To help people answer the question for themselves, Tropicana created a branded Mimosa Maker that turns a 12-ounce bottle of Tropicana into an OJ diffuser. Designed with three spray settings — Whisper, Spritz and Shower — the limited-edition bar accessory enables users to craft the perfect mimosa based on their preferred juice-to-champagne ratio. Consumers over the age of 21 were encouraged to visit a branded site,, for a chance to win a diffuser of their own.

The campaign launched in the fall to coincide with the arrival of cold and flu season (vitamin C is a good antidote). The response was impressive: The Mimosa Maker generated more than 740 earned media placements and nearly 28,000 entries, and bumped Tropicana orange juice sales by $515 million the week the campaign launched and $800 million the week after.

Honorable mention: Lincoln, Hudson Rouge a VMLY&R Company, Mindshare World and Hill+Knowlton Strategies
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