Winner: Bose, 160over90 and WinniePeg Productions
Bose Artist Series

Audio equipment brand Bose likes to collaborate with artists who share its obsession with sound. This year, that included adding three new names to its roster of official partners: singer-songwriter Arlo Parks, pop star Charlie Puth and basketball player and rapper Damian Lillard.

To promote these additions, Bose created a series of introductory videos. The goal was to showcase the celebs’ distinct creative personas and demonstrate how sound plays a powerful role in the way they think, create and develop their musical voices.

Each short provides an intimate look at the creative process of one of the artists, including how they honed their unique sound and how their background influenced their music. For example, in her video, Parks discusses her love of writing and how she draws inspiration from her emotions, which is evident in her heartfelt lyrics and melodies. Meanwhile, Puth shares his passion for experimentation and constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with music, explaining how he uses technology to explore new sounds and styles. Finally, professional athlete and rapper Lillard talks about the parallels between music and basketball, delving into how he’s created a persona that straddles both worlds.

Honorable mention: Visit West Hollywood, Miles Partnership, Madden Media, Ballantines PR and Plus Plus
Creators of West Hollywood