Winner: TRESemmé (Unilever), Weber Shandwik, Radical Media and Mindshare

TRESemmé had a marketing problem: A ’90s-era staple, the Unilever brand is still often associated with stiff gels and sprays. But times have changed, and many consumers now prefer a more natural look. Enter TRESemmé’s Pro-Infusion Collection, its first line of products designed to create fluid hair that moves freely.

To reintroduce itself and shine a spotlight on the collection’s free-flowing effects, Unilever partnered with the U.S. Olympic synchronized swimming team, which has strict rules when it comes to swimmers’ hair (it’s typically pretreated with gelatin before competitions and worn concealed under a bathing cap) and self-expression more generally. Wanting to help the athletes break free of these constraints, TRESemmé tapped choreographer Parris Goebel to create the first underwater performance designed around flowing hair, which was captured in Fluid, a film directed by Agostina Galvez. The video aired during the Super Bowl LVII pregame.

Honorable mention: Annovera, Resolute Digital, Weber Shandwick and The Skimm
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