Winner: Walmart, Publicis Groupe/Dept W, Digitas, Publicis NY, Fallon, Golin and Journey
Walmart Land

One of the world’s largest retailers, Walmart is a place young people visit to buy almost everything. But the relationship is largely transactional: They shop at the store because they can purchase goods at reasonable prices.

The terms of this relationship were threatened when global supply issues and inflation brought commerce to a near-standstill and sent costs skyrocketing. To continue to connect with consumers, Walmart strove to create an affinity for its brand that didn’t rely solely on low prices for everyday items.

And so the retailer transformed itself from a supplier of things to a supplier of experiences — specifically, experiences based on the popular online game Roblox. The company created Walmart Land, a digital landscape that allowed users to do everything from deejaying to exploring fashion trends to meditating to playing Netflix trivia. The campaign culminated in free front-row seats to Electric Fest, a motion-capture concert designed to feel like a music festival. 

The overall experience provided consumers with a range of fun activities — along with rewards — without them having to buy anything from the store. Within the first two weeks, Walmart Land attracted 4.9 million visitors.

Honorable mention: Doritos, The Marketing Arm and Alliance Studios
Doritos Triangle Island