Communications Strategies and Teva Women’s Health
Plan B One-Step Spring Break Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

Judges were very impressed by this bold guerrilla marketing campaign for emergency contraceptive Plan B One-Step that engaged students in four popular spring break markets.

“Provocative and successful,” said one judge.

The agency said Teva Women’s Health believes it has a corporate responsibility to educate college students about primary conception and emergency contraception. Plan B One-Step sales have historically spiked during spring break, so the team set out to raise awareness in this critical time, position the brand, encourage those who need emergency contraception to ask for Plan B and drive sales.

Campaign elements included branded events on beaches and at nightclubs. Female brand ambassadors staffed the events, talking about the product and distributing educational materials and other collateral.

Because emergency contraception is considered controversial to some, the team had to engage carefully and avoid being perceived as encouraging unprotected sex.

“[This campaign] definitely pushed the boundaries, but did so while remaining responsible,” said one judge, who added that the effort was “extremely” successful.

“A great deal of thought was put into the situation, which if handled poorly could’ve really backfired,” noted another. 

Lippe Taylor Brand Communications and Lumenis
Miracle Treatment of Lifelong Scars

Though Lumenis has made innovative advances in laser technology for treating severe burn victims, the agency said it had “virtually no brand awareness.” This campaign leveraged the emotional story of Lumenis’s treatments repairing 20-year-old scars of triplets who were badly burned as infants. On a $75,000 budget, the campaign generated the biggest sales impact in Lumenis’ history. Media impressions exceeded 52 million, including segments on 20/20, Today and The Doctors. “Extremely successful and cost-effective,” said one judge.  

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