You can’t exist in New York City without being shouted at — and that’s before you add advertising to the mix. So amid all the noise, how can marketers ensure that they are heard? It’s about building an emotional connection, a smile in the mind, one that allows someone a moment to think, reflect and choose how they feel. Good brands understand this. Three ingredients are key: Simple. Powerful. Beautiful. These campaigns reflect that ethos, often with a little sprinkle of fun on top.


Grey London and Tylko
Organize Chaos

When companies launch a new product, it’s essential to connect their audiences with that product. What makes it unique? Why does it matter in a saturated market? For contemporary furniture brand Tylko, the answer was simple: a rich visual world that feels as flawlessly flawless as the product. Through beautifully crafted responsive typography and powerfully relatable copy, Tylko puts the customer fully in charge.

TBWA\Neboko and Alexander Monro Hospital
The Breast Cancer Alphabet

This breast cancer awareness campaign from Netherlands breaks the traditional campaign model. Like diagnosis itself, educational opportunities are often missed in a quick glimpse. The Breast Cancer Alphabet does a beautiful job of highlighting the signs and symptoms in an extremely powerful visual communication. Its social extension, curiosity and shareability is undeniable.


Bitmama Reply and Chiquita
It Peels So Good

The second moment of truth is a powerful one. In Chiquita’s latest campaign, the company plays on this thinking by evoking the simple satisfaction of the perfect peel. It’s cheeky, fun and confidently bold. It’s no accident that 96% of people around the world recognize Chiquita as a banana brand — or that it holds the treasured spot as the top consumer-preferred banana.

Pregnant Then Screwed

Saatchi & Saatchi and Pregnant Then Screwed
A Cry for Help

As the cost of childcare continues to rise in the U.K., 75% of parents no longer see the benefit of working outside the home. But while it would be easy to assume that some degree of change is inevitable, voices too often go unheard. A Cry for Help is a brilliant activation idea that drives home the urgency of the situation. Because simple multisensory branding is often overlooked, the noise of a screaming baby is sure to cut through anyone’s daily commute. Backed up by brilliant one-liners and a Mother’s Day card to Parliament, this campaign offers a full brand experience and a simple but powerful message.

Heinz Ketchup

Wunderman Thompson Spain and Heinz
Ridiculously Wrong or Ridiculously Good?

While it’s easier for iconic brands to take risks, they also have a lot more to lose. However, in this case, Heinz clearly wins. While Nonna might be rolling in her grave, Heinz ketchup pasta sauce is rolling all over your spaghetti. By owning its true place as a not-so-glamorous alternative to pasta sauce, this product — and the ad’s semi-layered concept — could easily be overcooked. However, with just the right amount of art direction, we believe it’s al dente.