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The Health Influencer 50 2018

MM&M and PRWeek unveil their third annual ranking of the leaders, innovators, and firebrands making waves in healthcare. The list includes individuals working in and around pharma companies, healthcare-centric firms, regulatory agencies, media and the advocacy world – including a host of new additions.

Health Influencer Profiles

Profiles on each of the MM&M/PRW HI 50, many written by the professional peers who know them best.

The Influencers’ Influencers

To whom do the MM&M/PRW HI 50 turn for intelligence and inspiration?

The New Influencers

With the spate of non-traditional players circling healthcare of late — and making unique hires — it’s safe to say that the notion of “industry influence” has changed drastically.

Amazon’s 100 million Prime members, and their appetite for new services, make the retailing giant just as influential in healthcare as a pharma company with a slew of blockbusters. Indeed, the marketer’s role is more agent of change than hawker of brands. This thought piece will explore the companies and people now wearing the mantle of Influencer, from problem-solvers and disruptors, to creators of consumer-driven healthcare experiences and modern marketing chiefs.

The Futurists

MM&M asked three top minds in three top-of-mind areas for their opinions on what their particular space, discipline or channel will look like in five years. As part of this exclusive series, we take a look at:

1. The health/pharma agency of the future

Today’s top agency looks quite different from the top agency from 2013. By the time 2023 rolls around, expect high science and payer expertise to become true core offerings.

2. The programmatic universe

The media buying and planning worlds are barely recognizable from their pre-programmatic iterations. And the technology is only getting smarter and more precise.

3. The evolution of clinical trial recruitment

Fishing for subjects in online communities is SO 2016.