Kevin Johnson
president of Marketeching

Johnson had a specific vision in mind when he founded Marketeching in 2008: He wanted to help healthcare companies understand how stakeholders engage on social media in key communities. Back then, this was the great unknown for pharma.

Marketeching shifted its focus in 2010 to social research, adding a host of linguists, sociologists, public health experts, and digital strategists along the way. The firm captured the industry’s imagination, culminating in an acquisition by the W2O Group in November 2016. Johnson continues to helm Marketeching post-deal.

He and his team continue to use social listening to identify how and where patients discuss rare diseases online – and, in turn, help raise the level of discussion. In one instance, Marketeching created a mobile app and found itself helping enroll a clinical trial.

As part of another project, Marketeching analyzed the various ways caregivers for Alzheimer’s disease patients defined “agitation.” It then built a lexicon of how agitation was discussed, which was shared with physicians in order to better inform their approach.