Susan Dorfman
chief commercial officer of CMI/Compas

Dorfman’s role is an all-encompassing one. Her CMI/Compas charge includes oversight over six of the agency’s best-regarded groups: customer insights, innovation, technology, customer development, CRM, and corporate marketing. Dorfman is also responsible for leading sales, marketing, and commercialization efforts, not to mention crunching data to help clients reach their audience on a micro-level.

Dorfman is up to the task. A doctor of health administration, she co-authored one of the definitive guides to EHRs.

Her clients remain big fans. “Susan has played an important role in educating pharma leaders about innovation topics such as EHRs, digital, AI, and big data,” says Prashant Patel, business analytics lead, strategic insights and analytics at Novartis. “This has resulted in pharma allocating higher budgets to these emerging innovative channels and thinking more broadly about communicating effectively with its customers. Novartis has taken Susan’s message to heart and started to deploy innovative channels.”