Cliff Jones
CEO of AllazoHealth

Jones’ most recent health-tech triumph came as the primary designer of AllazoHealth’s AllazoEngine, an AI platform created to optimize medication adherence programs and achieve greater prescription refills at lower costs. In conjunction with pharma and biotech companies, the AllazoEngine runs thousands of algorithms to predict which patients will become non-adherent, then selects the type of intervention to which the patient is likely to respond. The results have spoken for themselves: While non-adherence is still considered an expensive cost of everyday business, the AllazoEngine is helping organizations reduce unnecessary spending on interventions and simultaneously achieving greater prescription refills.

Jones registered on the health tech radar long before founding AllazoHealth. He developed CVS Caremark’s Pharmacy Advisor medication adherence program, which earned the 2011 Rx Benefit Innovation Award from the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute and a Best Practices in Health Care Consumer Protection and Empowerment Award from the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission. Before that, he led the development of analytics software for Boston Consulting Group’s healthcare practice.