Either the Kansas City Chiefs or San Francisco 49ers will leave Super Bowl LVIII with the Lombardi Trophy in tow Sunday evening.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the losing team will be going home empty-handed.

Men’s health and wellness company Mangoceuticals, also known as MangoRx, announced Tuesday that it will offer a free, one-year supply of its Mango erectile dysfunction (ED) pills for the losing team to make sure they “still get sacked after the game.”

MangoRx added that it will offer a special discount code for ED products to fans that is equal to the game’s point difference following the end of the Super Bowl.

Erectile dysfunction is a fairly common medical condition affecting an estimated 30 million Americans, but is often treated as a taboo among men. In this latest effort, the company is trying to change that narrative with a distinctive, humorous approach.

“Just because your team doesn’t perform on the field, doesn’t mean the fans shouldn’t be able to score. We understand the daily pressures for men that come with everyday life and the sadness that comes when your team can’t put it through the goal post,” MangoRx CEO Jonathan Arango said in a statement. “These pressures ultimately affect performance, and our job is to help the fans avoid any false starts, and make sure you get it through the uprights every time.”

The cheeky promo comes days before the big game kicks off in Las Vegas and MangoRx is making its presence known.

The brand is serving as a marquee sponsor for multiple events and programs hosted by Barstool Sports during the week and will sponsor the company’s livestream of the game. MangoRx is also being featured on Barstool Podcasts from mid-January until mid-March.

MangoRx is no stranger to public-facing campaigns that lean into the reputation of ED products.

At the start of Men’s Health Awareness Month in November — colloquially known as Movember — the company unveiled its Make America Hard Again campaign to donate 50% of proceeds of sales generated from its branded merchandise to select men’s health and wellness charities. 

The charities that received donations from MangoRx focus on supporting education and awareness around men’s health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide.

The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline is a hotline for individuals in crisis or for those looking to help someone else. To speak with a trained listener, call 988. Visit 988lifeline.org for crisis chat services or for more information.