Fit4D, a Web-based diabetes coaching program, took the top prize at MM&M‘s shark-tank challenge in 2015. Here, Fit4D CEO and founder David Weingard presents his company to the judges. 

This story has been updated. 

One of the big challenges in biopharma is the time it takes to develop a drug. Once on market, therapies can scale quickly thanks to the drug industry’s marketing muscle. On the other hand, digital health startups can develop a product relatively fast; achieving scale takes them much longer.

By leveraging each other’s business model, both can make beyond-the-pill initiatives a bigger part of the digital health landscape. Yet health startups still need a way to connect with biopharma and medical device marketers to explore Pill+ pacts.

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That’s where the MM&M Shark Tank, sponsored by McCann Health, comes in. This year’s shark tank features both live and digital components. A web-based entry and pre-judging format is being used to enable a wider pool of health tech firms to enter, present their wares to “sharks” operating in multiple disease states and areas of medical technology, and compete for more benefits.

Finalists will pitch before a live audience at the MM&M Transforming Healthcare conference, which is scheduled to be held May 5 in New York City. Details are available on the special Shark Tank portal.

The winning entrepreneur(s) will take home bragging rights and a reward in the form of valuable feedback from the biopharma industry, an opportunity to be considered for a future Pill+ collaboration, and possibly more benefits.

The submission deadline is April 8. Click here to submit your business plan and video today.