Excitement reached fever pitch as almost 700 of the industry’s brightest stars descended upon New York’s decadent Cipriani 42nd Street on October 11 for the sold-out MM&M Awards 2011 dinner and ceremony.

Guests enjoyed cocktails, dinner and live entertainment before the ceremony, during which the gold and silver winners in 23 categories were revealed.

AbelsonTaylor was a big winner, bagging two golds and three silvers across print, TV and interactive categories for its work with Takeda Canada, Allergan and Abbott Nutrition. Boehringer Ingelheim’s Drive4COPD campaign with Biosector 2 also struck gold twice, in the social media and PR categories, while RevHealth took home one gold and two silvers for its work with Watson’s Generess. Here is a full recap of all the MM&M Awards 2011 winners:

Best Healthcare Consumer Media Brand

Gold: HealthiNation

HealthiNation continues to grow the quality and reach of its library of health education videos, both online and via on-demand cable. Judges described the original programming as “peppy and engaging” and praised the company’s “strategy and measureable results” across multiple platforms.

Silver: dLife

Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand


Gold: American Heart Association Scientific Sessions

Ascend Integrated Media scored top marks for its daily newspaper and website covering the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions meeting, which draws more than 22,000 attendees over five days. “This is difficult to do,” said judges, who praised both the design and content of the publication.

Silver: NYU Langone Medical Center — NYU Physician

Best Use of Direct Marketing to Consumers


Gold: Proximo Gen, BMStudio and Bristol-Myers Squibb for Orencia — One Patient at a Time

Judges praised the level of personalization and customization of this thoughtful program targeting rheumatoid arthritis sufferers. The results are impressive, with request rates up by 55%, conversion rates up by 30%, and engagement up to 17 times higher than historical rates.

Silver: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and Amylin/Lilly — Byetta By Your Side

Best Use of Direct Marketing to Healthcare Professionals

Gold: Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics — Siemens Disney Allergy Education Program

Siemens teamed with Disney to create this outstanding allergy awareness kit for doctors and clinical labs to use as an educational tool for parents and children. Judges said the kit—which includes the specially crafted children’s book “Mickey & The Giant Kachoo!”—was an “amazing integration of HCP and patient initiatives.”

Silver: Everyday Health and Sanofi Pasteur — Adacel G.I.F.T. Program

Best Use of Public Relations

Gold: Biosector 2 and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals — Drive4COPD

Judges felt this ongoing public health initiative to raise awareness and take action against the symptoms of COPD is a “creative, flawless execution” that “hits all the buttons.” As of May, 1.43 million people had been screened and the rate of patients asking about COPD had doubled, while unique web visitors topped 245,000.

Silver: Chandler Chicco Agency and Sanofi — AF Stat: A Call to Action for Atrial Fibrillation

Best Branded Website


Gold: RevHealth and Watson for Generess — Generess Consumer Website

RevHealth received unanimous praise for delivering such an “entertaining and informational” website in a market already flooded with generic oral contraceptives—and on a budget of just $80,000. Packed with tools, links, loyalty offers and even a charitable donation program, the site also integrates seamlessly with mobile.

Silver: Blue Diesel and Merck — MerckVaccines.com

Best Disease/Education Website


Gold: Ignite Health and Vertex Pharmaceuticals — BetterToKnowC

Just two weeks after its launch, this website for the Hepatitis C community had already garnered more than 275,000 page views and 95 registrations. Judges loved the use of graphics and interactivity to drive awareness and guide visitors through treatment options.

Silver: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and Abbott Laboratories — PsoriasisSpeaks

Best Online Patient Relationship/Support Program


Gold: Patient Marketing Group and Merck for MerckEngage — MerckEngage Health Partnership Program

Judges praised the “beautiful design” and “deep content” of MerckEngage.com, which provides health and wellness support and resources for consumers in English and Spanish, as well as patient education resources for doctors. As of May, the site had drawn almost a million visits, including more than 3,000 from HCPs.

Silver: RevHealth and Watson — I am Generess Program Website

Best Use of Social Media


Gold: Biosector 2 and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals — Drive4COPD

B.I. proved you can do great pharma social media with this highly integrated effort to raise awareness of COPD. By May this year, the multi-faceted initiative had clocked 40 million impressions, while more than 10,000 people had completed online screeners during a series of Virtual Twitter Races.

Silver: Chamberlain Healthcare Public Relations and Boehringer Ingelheim—HealthSeeker: Simple Steps, Healthier Together

Best Interactive Initiative for Consumers


Gold: Heartbeat Ideas and Auxilium Pharmaceuticals for Auxilium Pharmaceuticals’ Low Testosterone Therapy — Low T Facts

To target the 13 million US men who are unaware they may be suffering from low testosterone, Heartbeat developed clever, unbranded rich-media ads containing humorous, yet reassuring, video sketches to drive viewers to a website. Judges called it “cool, engaging, funny and clever” and “a great use of interactive media.”

Silver: The Cement Bloc and Celgene for Abraxane — Share the Little Things

Best Interactive Initiative for Healthcare Professionals


Gold: Saatchi & Saatchi Health Communications and AstraZeneca for Seroquel XR — Seroquel XR 2010 APA Convention

This booth experience in support of Seroquel XR really struck a chord with our judges, who called it an “amazing use of technology”. While experts presented in a glass lounge, guitar strings were projected onto its walls. By plucking a string, visitors could launch one of several patient videos. “Wow,” said the judges.

Silver: AbelsonTaylor and Allergan — Restasis Interactive Learning Program

Best Individual Consumer Print Advertisement


Gold: CJ&P Advertising and MCGHealth for Primary Stroke Center — Stroke Seconds Count-Newspaper

This arresting and powerful ad and conveys the experience of having a stroke with vibrantly colored phrases rising above a brain, such as: “Who pushed the mute button?” “Why can’t I speak?” “What are you saying?” Judges praised its “stopping power” and its “iconic execution”.

Silver: RevHealth and Watson — Generess Consumer Ad

Best Overall Consumer Print Campaign


Gold: The CementBloc and Novartis Vaccines for Menveo — Fresh Rhymes

Zack was nimble, Zack was quick, Zack kissed Rosa, After English Lit, They were so happy, They so did click, Till they shared meningitis, And got horribly sick. The judges agreed CementBloc rules the school with this clever campaign to raise awareness for meningitis and encourage teen vaccinations.

Silver: CDM New York and Musicians On Call — The Healing Power of Music

Best Individual Professional Print Advertisement


Gold: LehmanMillet and Dune Medical Devices for MarginProbe — Simplify the Story

“You removed the lesion … but how do you remove doubts that you got all the cancer?” asks this “provocative” ad for Dune’s real-time cancer detection system. The hornet’s nest provides a powerful visual sting that even our fearless judges admitted they found “very scary”.

Silver: AbelsonTaylor and Takeda Canada — Stomach Switches Spread

Best Overall Professional Print Campaign


Gold: Draftfcb Healthcare and Centocor Ortho Biotech for Remicade — 2nd Thoughts

Judges were moved by the black-and-white nude shots depicting the anguish of severe psoriasis sufferers and positioning Remicade as a “human brand” that should be administered earlier in the regime. They described the campaign as “Dark, dramatic, powerful, emotional and horribly beautiful.”

Silver: Draftfcb Healthcare and Cephalon — Proud Sponsor

Best Professional Print Campaign for Product Launches

Gold: AbelsonTaylor and Takeda Canada for Dexilant — Tortoise and Hare

The tortoise and the hare provide the perfect metaphor for conveying the unique dual-delayed-release action of this once-daily proton pump inhibitor, and announce the arrival of Dexilant in Canada. Judges described the campaign as a “refreshing use of a familiar cliché… Aesop has found a good home.”

Silver: Flashpoint Medica and Angiotech — Transforming the Nature of Tissue Closure

Best Professional Sales Aid

Gold: Health 4 Brands and Savient Pharmaceuticals for Krystexxa — Krystexxa Sales Aid

Doctors have emotions too, and judges praised Health 4 Brands for telling a “compelling” and “impactful” story in its sales aid for Krystexxa, the first infusion treatment for refractory chronic gout. The image of babies’ feet stepping on adult feet is a persuasive emotional visual to accompany the clinical data.

Silver: ICC and Sunovion — The Right Fit

Best Corporate Marketing Campaign


Gold: Cramer and Siemens for Siemens Mammomat Inspiration — Who Inspires You?

For the US launch of its digital mammography system, Siemens invited hospitals and imaging centers to enter a video contest for the chance to win a system, resulting in 66 unique unqualified leads and 3,600 unique visitors to the contest site. Judges loved how the campaign “humanized the brand and got the customer involved.”

Silver: ICC and Johnson’s Baby Brands — Johnson’s Equity Campaign

Best Agency Self-Promotion


Gold: Blue Diesel—Douglas Fur

Blue Diesel went way beyond the standard greeting card with this playful holiday effort. Fictitious character Douglas Fur spawned videos, wallpaper, screensavers, boxes of goodies, a pinball app with 7,000 downloads, a website with 60% return traffic—and even an international beard-growing title for the campaign’s star.

Silver: CDM Princeton

Best TV Advertisement/Campaign


Gold: RAPP and Humana Medicare — Relationships

This well-executed spot aims to address seniors’ retirement goals of control and independence, while positioning Humana as a healthcare provider with their interests at heart. Judges called it “a perfect combination of education and emotion without being too cutesy,” while Humana’s revenues jumped 10% as a result.

Silver: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness and Merial — Little Green Men

Best Over-The-Counter Product Advertisement/Campaign


Gold: AbelsonTaylor and Abbott Nutrition for PediaSure Sidekicks — You Are What You Eat

AbelsonTaylor scored with this “engaging and witty” play for PediaSure’s SideKicks nutrition formula, which uses the adage “You are what you eat” to depict soccer kids as foodstuffs, such as fries and doughnuts, and sends a clear message about the effects of nutrition on physical performance.

Silver: AbelsonTaylor and Abbott Nutrition — Balance

Best Total Integration Program for Small Companies

Gold: LEVEL Brand and Medica for Medica Individual Business Unit — Plans That Fit Your Life

To fend off its rivals and promote its individually tailored health plans, Medica embedded QR codes across multiple outdoor and broadcast channels to provide customers with immediate quotes from their phones. Judges called it “an edgy approach with great integration,” while Medica jumped from fourth to second place on a 3.4% hike in market share.

Silver: Digitas Health and MedImmune for FluMist — I Pick My Nose

Best Total Integration Program for Large Companies


Gold: CDMiConnect and Eisai/PriCara for AcipHex

Precise language, innovative creative and a fresh patient perspective to heartburn shaped this print, web and TV campaign, designed to reverse Aciphex’s dwindling share of a crowded market. Did it work? You bet. Incremental sales increased by $26 million while 32,000 new scripts were filled from the offer redemptions alone.

Silver: Draftfcb and Teva Women’s Health for Plan B One Step — Before the Clock Strikes