We’re pleased to present the winners of MM&M’s #ConvinceMeToVax competition. The idea had its genesis in the news that New York City had declared a public health emergency in early April because of a measles outbreak in sections of Brooklyn.

We know we’re preaching to the choir when we say that immunizations against infectious diseases are the most significant public health advancement in history, and that the stubbornly persistent anti-vax campaign could reverse that advancement. So we asked our readers to use their considerable brain power to design marketing collateral to convince people to get their vaccinations.

We had almost 100 submissions, which we presented for a popular vote. It’s a pleasure to share the winners, their work and their captions here in the following categories: best social campaign, best display campaign, best website, best video, staff picks and the Grand Prize winner. Please share this important work.

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Grand Prize

call to arms

QBFox Healthcomm

It’s our right to protect our health. This is a Call to Arms.

Display Campaign

spread the truth

Sentrix: #SpreadTheTruth

The environmental #SpreadTheTruth campaign aims to combat junk science by targeting people where they’re most likely to be thinking about communicable diseases (and conveniently forced to engage): public transportation. With subway, bus, and airport takeovers (and a shareable hashtag), #SpreadTheTruth is designed to provoke a conversation about the facts where they’ll resonate most.

Social Campaign


Benchworks: The decision not to vaccinate can change history.

The above is a social media campaign designed to amplify the importance of vaccination using history and time as storytelling devices. Each series focuses on how history can change with a single decision to vaccinate.


Families Fighting Flu

We Share Our Stories To Convince You To Vaccinate



Weber Shandwick: anti-Boxx

anti-Boxx is a fake subscription box service for a very real problem. Each box contains items designed to highlight the consequences of each disease parents could be putting their children at risk for. Visitors can’t buy our product, but they’ll find links to information that debunks common myths and clarifies the benefits of vaccination. Peter Gay

Staff Picks

cdm london vax submission

CDM London



Vaccines are a vital safeguard for the health of you, your family and your community. This attention-grabbing message for the doctor’s office waiting room draws important parallels between vaccines and other lifesaving measures like seat belts, sunscreen and parachutes.

Want the behind the scenes on this video? Click here.


Intouch Solutions

This transit poster/billsticker encourages hesitant parents to triumph over indecision, and fight back to keep their child heroic and healthy.

JPA Health Communications

Mom, thanks for keeping us healthy. Happy Mother’s Day.


Intouch Solutions

Measles Monitor Disease tracking app and campaign lets viewers see the real risk in real time.