Following the success of a retro ad for the fake vape company Depression Sticks, New York-based Mojo Supermarket has partnered with Truth Initiative for another thought-provoking campaign warning against the dangers of nicotine addiction. 

The campaign kicks off with a 30-second spot that mimics wellness content typically consumed by Gen Z online, ending in a clutter of 90’s-era computer pop ups and the warning message that “vaping nicotine can actually increase feelings of stress and anxiety.”

The campaign invites viewers to the Breath of Stress Air landing page, where Truth and Mojo ask the reader to question their assumptions about vaping and see how the facts contrast their misconceptions. For instance, the site lays out that 1 JUUL pod is equal to 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine. 

Jono Paull, Mojo Supermarket group creative director, shared that the goal of the Breath of Stress Air campaign is the same as in the duos inaugural Depression Sticks project.

“In talking with our Gen Z panel, the biggest misconception we heard was that vaping is a stress reliever,” said Paull. “Breath of Stress Air busts that myth by subverting the wellness content today’s younger generations actively seek out each day.” 

The underlying premise of this year’s outreach is “to out nicotine as the silent contributor to teen mental health issues,” according to Truth’s website. 

“We know that when young people have the facts, they make the right decisions,” said Robin Koval, chief executive officer and president of Truth Initiative. “That’s why our goal is to educate young people about the mental health impact of vaping nicotine, denormalize its use and normalize quitting.”

Truth is getting the word out about the campaign via radio spots and social media. The organization is also continuing its popular 24/7 text message program called “This is Quitting,” which is already helping more than 500,000 young adults quit nicotine for good. 

The campaign will premiere during March Madness and run until June 2022.

This story originally appeared on Campaign US.