Next Practices Group firms 104 West and Ringer Sciences have created a tool that gathers intelligence from hundreds of communities where technology leaders discuss ideas and trends.

The new intelligence service, called CLAIR — short for Community Learning AI Research —  uses AI and data science to identify where key discussions of technology occur, including tech forums, development communities and online discussion groups, NPG said. 

CLAIR pulls “actionable insights” from those discussions, which companies can use to support content creation, marketing, media outreach and relations, executive positioning and story development.

The goal is to keep tech and healthtech brands informed about niche online conversions, which NPG said in its statement are “easily missed” by traditional monitoring platforms despite possessing “some of the deepest knowledge, influence, insights and valuable data.”

CLAIR analyzes data from a custom list of technology forums, community-focused channels Discord and GitHub, and platforms that have largely been a “black box because of data restrictions,” such as LinkedIn.  

Media monitoring platforms such as NewsWhip have inked deals with LinkedIn to provide PR pros and reporters with real-time insights. 

NPG is a network of firms that specialize in areas such as communications, marketing, public affairs, security, software and analytics. It includes firms such as Next Solutions Group, Victory and Bliss Bio Health. 

This article originally appeared on PRWeek US.