Verywell’s health and wellness content is coming to an Outcome Health device near you.

The health website and point-of-care company are partnering to bring health content “wrapped in empathy” to the doctor’s office, said Heidi Anderson, chief growth officer at Outcome Health. 

“We saw synergy between the approach Verywell takes with content and the approach we’ve been looking for at Outcome Health,” she explained. “It stems from research we did late last year, where we talked to physicians, nurses, patients and other stakeholders about what they were looking for at the point-of-care. We found it was a mix of health lifestyle and clinical content, wrapped in empathy, and that was very much aligned with Verywell’s approach to content.”

Content will also be location-specific, Anderson said. Patients will see health lifestyle content in places like a waiting room and more specific, clinical content in an exam room. Outcome will also pair Verywell’s offerings with specialties like pediatrics, oncology and gastroenterology.

Verywell’s properties include three wellness websites alongside Verywell Health. The website has content about hundreds of conditions, as well as prevention, insurance and public health. Verywell has about 40 million monthly users, according to Comscore. 

The partnership should boost Verywell’s brand recognition and help the organization reach patients when it matters, said Verywell general manager Rob Parisi. 

“[What] we get is brand recognition for the Verywell brand, and Outcome Health is the perfect partner for that,” he said. “These people are the patients and we’re putting our brand in front of them at the point-of-care. They are in the perfect spot for health messaging, in a place where health is their only priority.”

Outcome had collaborated with more than 100 organizations, but the company is narrowing its focus to “a shorter list of content partners who are very high-quality,” Anderson said. Verywell is its biggest content partner, she said, but Outcome also works with groups such as Headspace and patient advocacy organizations. 

Anderson added that Verywell’s user-friendly and medically vetted content is why Outcome chose to work with the company.

Verywell also recently launched a wellness review board, similar to its medical review board, to approve its lifestyle and wellness content like its clinical information.

“One thing we think about a lot here is about accuracy and empathy; you don’t have to choose one, and we should expect both,” Parisi said. “The credibility of our content, written by medical professionals and put through another layer of review with the review board, is really accurate and the voice that we employ, which we feel differentiates us, is about humanizing health and coming from a place of hope and inspiration.”