As part of an effort to turbocharge its omnichannel platforms and digital transformation offering, Precision Value & Health is acquiring engagement consultancy Across Health, PV&H announced Wednesday.

A consultancy based in Belgium, Across Health specializes in omnichannel strategy within the life-sciences space. Until now, the company’s footprint has mostly been limited to Europe – so the deal simultaneously bolsters Across’ North American presence and PV&H’s overseas operations.

But the main selling point of the acquisition for PV&H’s is Across’ digital transformation skills and tools. “Across Health is helping to lead digital transformation – and as you can imagine, in this past year digital transformation has been at the forefront of every marketer’s mind,” said Carolyn Morgan, EVP of physician and patient engagement at PV&H. “How do we make sure we’re reaching our target audience and doing it in a unique way?”

A big part of that transformation could stem from access to Across Health’s Navigator365 platform, designed to help educate brand teams on omnichannel opportunities. Used by some 40 pharma companies, Navigator365 sources data across nine therapeutic categories in Europe and the U.S.. The cloud-based tool provides access to over 50 million data points that allow customers to more effectively communicate with physicians across channels.

The ultimate goal is to be able to take larger brand strategic imperatives and assist in campaign formulation, resource allocation and impact measuring, as well as what Morgan characterizes as “helping our clients make sure they’re getting the biggest bang for their buck.” In short, it helps companies remove some of the guesswork from the equation and develop go-to-market strategies based on qualitative information.

“How often are physicians engaging in the different channels? What is the content they want to hear? And what is the impact of that – meaning is it actually driving clinical decision-making?” Morgan explained. “All of that information is enabling our clients to be able to make a better, more informed go-to-market plan. Being able to leverage this data is going to change how we communicate with HCPs, patients and payers.”

Morgan added that the capabilities acquired in the Across Health deal should allow clients to leverage evidence-based approaches “in a way that is going to be measurable and impactful, and that is going to ensure success… I think this is going to change Precision Value & Health going forward.”