Photo credit: Bill Brooks/Creative Commons

1. The California legislature is scheduled to hold a hearing Wednesday to discuss a bill that would require drugmakers to report any price increase of more than 10% in a 12-month period. The legislation would also mandate insurers to provide spending data on prescription drugs. (Stat)

2. The FDA on Monday approved AbbVie’s and Genentech’s blood-cancer drug Venetoclax. The drug is indicated for patients with a specific genetic abnormality known as 17p deletion and have already tried one treatment.

3. Novo Nordisk said that Tresiba has won 33% market share in Japan’s long-acting insulin market. That is Tresiba’s greatest percentage of market share in any country. (CPHPOST)

4. The FDA said Monday that metformin, a commonly prescribed generic diabetes drug, is safe for patients with mild kidney problems.  The agency expanded metformin’s indication for certain patients with reduced kidney function. (FDA)

5. ICYMI: The World Health Organization released a report last week on the diabetes epidemic, saying that new versions of insulin offer few benefits over cheaper alternatives. (Bloomberg)