COVID-19 deaths have increased after a five-week decline. Deaths increased by 21% in the Americas and 17% in the Western Pacific. (ABC News)

A promising Roche treatment failed to slow the development of Alzheimer’s disease. The Swiss pharma giant reported negative results from a decade-long clinical trial investigating an experimental antibody treatment in people born with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. (STAT)

A monkeypox warning campaign is gaining urgency, with health officials advising the public to be aware of – but not to panic about – the spread of the disease. The virus is primarily spreading through networks of men who have sex with men, public health officials said. (The New York Times)

Extreme heat is bad for everyone’s health – and it’s getting worse. As the climate crisis causes temperatures to continuously rise, scientists expect it to lead to increasing amounts of illness and death. (CNN

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, a leading transgender health association, reported that hormone treatments can start at age 14 and some surgeries as early as 15. The group acknowledged potential risks, but said it is harmful to withhold early treatment. (AP)