1. Outcome Health reportedly misled advertisers about how their ads performed on the company’s tablets, which are located in doctors’ offices, The Wall Street Journal reported. Three employees were placed on administrative leave following the report, including the company’s chief growth officer Ashik Desai. (VentureBeat)

2. An FDA advisory committee unanimously endorsed Spark Therapeutics’ Luxturna, an experimental gene therapy for a rare form of blindness. It would be the first gene therapy to market in the U.S. (Bloomberg)

3. Avanir Pharmaceuticals’ Nuedexta, a drug used to treat a disorder characterized by uncontrollable laughing or crying, is being heavily prescribed by doctors who have received payments from the company. (CNN)

4. The FDA held the first meeting of its Patient Engagement Advisory Committee, aimed at obtaining feedback from patients on clinical trials studying medical devices. (RAPS)

5. Allergan reached a settlement with InnoPharma, one of the four companies challenging the patent of its eye-drug Restasis. Per the deal, InnoPharma can start selling its generic version of Restasis in 2024. (Reuters)