Novo Nordisk said it will invest more than $6 billion to boost production capacity. Most of the new capacity will be dedicated to manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients, including for Wegovy and Ozempic, used to treat diabetes and obesity. (The Wall Street Journal)

The Food and Drug Administration approved the first vaccine to prevent disease caused by the chikungunya virus. The single-dose vaccine, Ixchiq, made by Valneva Austria GmbH, is approved for adults who are at an increased risk of exposure to the virus. (CNN)

A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found an increase in exemption rates for childhood vaccines in more than 40 states. For the more than 3.8 million children entering kindergarten, the vaccine exemption rate increased overall to 3% for the 2022-2023 school year, according to the CDC, the highest ever reported. (USA Today)

Amazon announced Prime customers can now get quick access to a healthcare provider through a program that costs $9 a month or $99 annually. This news was delivered around the one-year anniversary of the e-commerce giant’s nearly $4 billion acquisition of membership-based primary care provider One Medical. (Associated Press)

A rare procedure involving the use of breast implants kept a 34-year-old patient, who had smoked and vaped for many years, alive while he awaited a double-lung transplant. According to Northwestern Medicine, the procedure is the first time breast implants have been used in a double-lung transplant. (NBC News)