MM&M and PRWeek have unveiled the 2019 Health Influencer 50. Find out which leaders, innovators and celebrities made the list. Plus features on the rise of the celebrity health influencer, a list of the top five negative influencers and infographics that dive into the data on our past health influencers. (MM&M)

Google has acquired wearable maker Fitbit for $2.1 billion. The deal represents the company’s biggest consumer electronic purchase since Nest in 2015. Google plans to start tackling potential privacy concerns around the data Fitbit collects, assuring the public it will not be used for Google ads. (MM&M)

President Donald Trump nominated Dr. Stephen Hahn as the Food and Drug Administration commissioner on Friday. It is expected that Trump will nominate Health and Human Services assistant secretary of health Brett Giroir as acting commissioner in advance of Hahn’s confirmation, according to Politico. (MM&M)

Elizabeth Warren believes her “Medicare for All” proposal will save employers $200 billion over the course of a decade if they provide healthcare coverage to employees. If the proposal is enacted, it would eliminate employer-sponsored health insurance. Warren also plans to decrease employer contributions by 2% to help cut down on costs. (CNBC)

Amgen is investing $2.7 billion in Chinese biotech BeiGene. The deal, through which Amgen will receive a 20.5% stake in the company, will bolster Amgen’s experimental oncology pipeline. (Endpoints)