1. Novo Nordisk’s diabetes drug semaglutide is effective, according to FDA briefing documents posted ahead of an advisory committee meeting on Wednesday. FDA researchers wrote that their review supported the claim that semaglutide could help improve blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes. (Reuters)

2. Johnson & Johnson unveiled a new set of data-management tools designed to improve adherence for use in clinical trials. The Integrated Smart Trial and Engagement Platform includes pill packs that register when a pill has been taken out as well as electronic drug labels. (MedCityNews)

3. Congressional lawmakers stripped the Drug Enforcement Administration of its ability to halt suspicious drug shipments from drug distributors in 2016 after heavy lobbying from pharmaceutical industry groups and pharmacy benefit managers. (WaPo)

4. AstraZeneca said that some early data for an experimental cancer drug it acquired from Acerta Pharma in 2015 for $4 billion, acalbrutinib, was falsified. The study in question reportedly demonstrated that the drug was effective in treating solid tumors in mice. (Telegraph)

5. Aimmune Therapeutics will collaborate with Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Sanofi on the development of its peanut allergy drug AR101. Aimmune will test the drug in combination with Sanofi and Regeneron’s dupilumab. (Reuters)