1. One in 12 U.S. doctors in the U.S. received payments from drugmakers that market opioids from 2013 to 2015, for a total sum of $46 million. Most of the doctors received an average payment of $15, but the top 1% of physicians reported an average payment of $2,600. (Modern Healthcare)

2. At least 47 hospitals dramatically lowered usage of older, inexpensive heart drugs Isuprel and Nitropress after Valeant Pharmaceuticals International raised the prices of the drugs. (Kaiser Health News)

3. Researchers are utilizing artificial intelligence to develop new drugs that treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The technology is expected to help researchers save time and money. (Reuters)

4. Eko Devices, a startup, is developing a digital stethoscope for people to use at home. The device gathers electrocardiogram readings and heart sounds, which can be shared electronically with physicians. (NYT)  

5. ICYMI: India is creating rules that restrict how much drugmakers can pay doctors and pharmacists in gifts and travel. (Reuters)