Omada Health has raised $73 million to grow its digital virtual care services. The health startup began by administering diabetes prevention services before moving into hypertension, mental health and chronic conditions. (CNBC)

Opioid lawsuits against Insys Therapeutics may be halted, depending on U.S. bankruptcy judge Kevin Gross’ ruling on the company’s June Chapter 11 filing. Gross could essentially decide if state and local lawsuits against the drugmaker could go forward despite its bankruptcy filing. He’s expected to make a decision next month. (Reuters)

New Jersey has become the first state to allow paramedics to administer addiction treatment on the scene by offering patients buprenorphine after an overdose is reversed. Officials said this could treat withdrawal symptoms and encourage patients to seek long-term treatment. (STAT)

Overdose deaths may be declining. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicted that it will record 69,100 drug-related deaths from December 2017 to November 2018, down from 72,300 in the previous period. Data for 2018 is being processed. (WSJ)

Apple Watch and Fitbit are integrating Livongo’s digital health service to encourage smartwatch users to form healthy habits. Livongo helps people manage chronic conditions by notifying them to take blood sugar readings and to suggest food swaps for healthier eating, among other services. (CNBC)