The Food and Drug Administration cleared the way for people who are at least 65 years old or immunocompromised to receive a second updated booster shot against the coronavirus. The move is designed to bolster protection for the most vulnerable Americans even as the pandemic recedes. (The Washington Post)

AstraZeneca said it is confident that its new COVID antibody protects against known variants. Laboratory studies show the antibody, called AZD3152, neutralizes all known variants of COVID-19 and AstraZeneca has support from regulators to make the treatment available by the end of this year, its vaccines head Iskra Reic said in an interview on Tuesday. (Reuters)

Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane said that Damar Hamlin has been “fully cleared” to play after seeing three specialists. Hamlin has made remarkable progress since suffering cardiac arrest on the field in Cincinnati in January and this is one more step in a positive direction. (ProFootballTalk)

YouTube rolled out revised policies for eating disorder content. YouTube’s Community Guidelines will now also prohibit content that features behaviors such as purging after eating or extreme calorie counting that at-risk users could be inspired to imitate. (CNN)

In a Tennessee town plagued by an environmental crisis, a local abortion debate has consumed public attention. This fall and winter, Bristol landed in the national news — but not because of the landfill fumes driving people out of their homes. Instead, the coverage zeroed in on the town’s anti-abortion ordinance, made possible by the overturning of Roe v. Wade. (STAT News)