Pennsylvania has sued Juul for misleading consumers. The state attorney general claims Juul misled consumers about the health and addiction risks and improperly marketed the products to youths. The lawsuit also seeks a statewide ban on Juul products. (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

The coronavirus has an official name: COVID-19. The World Health Organization wanted a name to prevent people from using names that stigmatize or misrepresent the illness. It also picked a name that doesn’t refer to a geographical location, animals, an individual or a group of people. (CNBC)

In about three weeks, Moderna has developed a coronavirus vaccine for initial testing. The company is working with the National Institutes of Health to develop a vaccine for the quickly spreading virus that relies on Moderna’s messenger RNA technology. (BioPharma Dive)

People quarantined in California due to the coronavirus were allowed to go home. After a two-week quarantine, the U.S. citizens who were flown out of China have been allowed to go home. None of the people under quarantine have tested positive for coronavirus. (Associated Press)

The Food and Drug Administration has fast-tracked Novartis’ lung cancer drug. The drug is being tested to treat MET exon 14 skipping (METex14) mutated non-small cell lung cancer, a difficult form of cancer to treat. (Reuters)