A newly enacted law has made California the first state to attempt to develop its own line of generic drugs. In an effort to curb the rising cost of prescription drugs, the state will seek to form partnerships to manufacture and distribute generics, along with at least one form of insulin. (STAT)

Ninety-one percent of 965 recovered COVID-19 patients in South Korea said that they had experienced at least one side effect of the disease, according to a preliminary study reported by the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency. Fatigue was the most commonly reported side effect, followed by difficulty in concentrating. (Reuters)

Children make up 10% of coronavirus cases in the United States. This is up from 2% in April. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe schools reopening to be the cause. (AP News)

Pharmaceuticals and health products industry officials have donated about four times more money to Joe Biden than to President Donald Trump. However, they don’t think either candidate will be successful in trying to lower drug prices. (News Week)

Because fat can delay the body’s immune response to a virus and result in uncontrolled, constant inflammation, people with obesity might not respond well to particular coronavirus vaccines. And yet, there is little indication that this concern is being addressed in the vaccine trials now taking place. (The New York Times)