The journey of a patient taking a specialty medication is becoming increasingly complex. Between complicated dosing regimens, ongoing therapeutic drug monitoring and lab testing, as well as prior authorization and affordability hurdles, a patient’s already difficult situation becomes that much more challenging. 

Despite significant investment by pharma manufacturers in patient support services, less than 19% of patients actually utilize these programs — mostly due to lack of awareness and access, according to a 2015 Accenture Patient Services survey. A survey released this year from Accenture doubled-down on this, finding 80% of patients rated the services they used as valuable or extremely valuable. However, very few are aware of them.

Streamlining access to support services though a patient’s smartphone can help increase medication adherence while providing brands with more information about what types of support their patients truly value. Insights into patient behavior helps pharma brands better understand which services they are using, and how often, to help marketers optimize their programs, supporting better patient outcomes.

Digital patient engagement has never been more critical. 

To provide an easy, seamless way for patients to actively participate in their care, ConnectiveRx partnered with HelpAround, whose technology simplifies the navigation and management of specialty medications for patients through mobile patient experiences. Together, they created mobileCare Manager, a platform built specifically to address the specialty patient’s challenges by leveraging the convenience of a smartphone.

With support in the palm of their hands, patients are more empowered to take an active role in their care. Early results show 2% to 6% less initial drop-off and 30% less drop-off after three months when brands invest in mobileCare Manager for their patients, according to a case study from HelpAround. This also leads to increased patient hub enrollment and overall higher patient satisfaction rates. 

MobileCare Manager provides patients with a single point of access to important support services and connects them to helpful alerts, reminders, actions and support communities. For example, when questions or uncertainties arise about their condition or treatment, patients need a way to reach their support systems to receive hands-on expertise. MobileCare Manager offers tools such as live chat with nurses or case managers as well as unbranded patient peer matching, allowing patients to connect directly with others experiencing similar challenges. 

And just like the specialty patient journey, every specialty brand has unique needs to best support their specific patient population and access challenges. The mobile-Care Manager platform is customizable through multiple modalities: SMS text, mobile web and mobile app. Brand marketers can deliver the appropriate level of support to their patients and build the mobile program that is best for their drug.

ConnectiveRx is offering tools such as mobileCare Manager to deliver better outcomes for providers, pharmaceutical brands and most importantly, patients navigating through their specialty mediation journeys. To learn more about ConnectiveRx’s mobile engagement platform, download information or visit to connect with an expert.