Looking back at formerly game-changing ideas, name one that you had high hopes for, but did not work?

The expectation that HCPs will look to traditional social media networks for connection and camaraderie has not been realized to date. Open social channels may never become a core avenue for connection among HPCs due to privacy, HIPPA, legal, and other concerns. It’s also possible that this approach to traditional social networks will change as digital natives join the ranks of practicing HCPs.

Anthony Luttenberger, chief commercial officer, pharma


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DMD offers the only authenticated database that can reach, track, and respond to the dynamic digital behavior of opted-in physicians and allied health professionals. Through this database, pharmaceutical marketers, medical marketing agencies, publishers, hospitals, CME organizations, and healthcare recruiters have access to more than 90% of physicians with email addresses.

Detailed profiles, including real-time website visits reported by the company’s audience identity management technology, unlock precision targeting and engagement capabilities across the most influential healthcare audiences.  


DMD’s BPA-audited opt-in email database provides the foundation for a variety of data services. Pharmaceutical companies, health systems, and related industries use it to develop optimized email campaigns that grow pharmaceutical and medical device sales, increase hospital referrals, and streamline CME registration and physician recruitment.

Dedicated NP/PA and nurse databases provide additional marketing opportunities.

Audience identity management technology, known as the Audience Identity Manager (AIM), reports the identity and online browsing behavior of opted-in HCP visitors to client websites in real time, without requiring a login. This data can be linked to the HCP profiles in the email database to support a more nuanced understanding of target audiences. Clients rely on AIM data to customize website and email content, give sales reps valuable insight into individual HCPs, and verify website traffic to improve media accountability.

DMD’s Dear HCP Program combines email and postal mail to ensure that Dear Doctor letters reach all relevant prescribers. A simple program engages an expanded physician audience through email, tracks the results, and follows up as necessary with postal mail. Clients benefit from greater efficiency and accountability, while reducing their costs and their carbon footprint. Medical device manufacturers can implement a similar program to simplify the recall letter process.


The strongest healthcare email campaigns are built with data-driven intelligence and a turnkey process. While quality email data improves reach, strategic deployment practices yield results. DMD offers both.

Our email database includes 90% of HCPs with email addresses, all of whom opted in. Data is obtained through first-party sources, authenticated against the AMA Physician Masterfile and updated daily for 95% deliverability. DMD’s database is the only physician email database that is fully audited and classified as a verified source by BPA Worldwide.

DMD has extended its industry-leading email database to also report the name, medical specialty, NPI#, and state of residence of HCP visitors to their client’s websites. This information can be provided in real time without requiring a visitor login. AIM has been a game changer in healthcare digital market-ing since its introduction in May 2016.